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Indoor Flying Pavilion

The Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center is home to the nation’s first permanent, custom-built unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flying facility.

Dedicated on the 112th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s first powered flight, the UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion offers many cutting-edge capabilities specifically tailored for training and applied research support.

Pavilion Features

• 3,200 sq. ft. with an interior ceiling height of 40 ft.

• Mezzanine flying deck supporting testing and instruction

• Global Positioning System (GPS) signal transmission enabling indoor flight navigation

• Fiber-optic network connection to the UAS simulation lab

• Customizable space supporting sense and avoid and other airspace integration challenges

• Research environment for testing experimental and rapid prototyped components manufactured in the Center

• Support for alternate navigation technologies, including optical and acoustic sensors

• Controlled environment for high-risk and destructive testing

• Supports simulated cybersecurity attacks and mitigation strategies

• Design-Build-Fly capabilities taking UAS from concept to reality