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OEM Training Provider for SelectTech GeoSpatial

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, finding utility in academic, industry, and government sectors. SelectTech GeoSpatial, manufacturer of the EH-4 and EH-8 HL UAS models, has become a leader in the production of customizable vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAS. 

The Sinclair College National UAS Training and Center teams with SelectTech as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) authorized training partner. The curriculum, offered by Sinclair with the approval of SelectTech, entails a two (2) day course consisting of four (4) hours of ground school and 12 hours of hands-on flight instruction for each SelectTech UAS type. Training leading to OEM endorsed certification is available for the EH-4 and EH-8 HL models.

In-person ground and flight training can be provided at Sinclair facilities or remote locations leading to a SelectTech EH-4 or EH-8 HL - Operator Original Equipment Manufacturer Authorized Training Certificate upon successful completion. Training is designed for cohorts of one to four participants.


For more information about pricing or to schedule training, contact the Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center at 937-512-4900 or

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