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OEM Training Provider for Altavian UAS

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, finding utility in academic, industry, and government applications. As a leading professional UAS manufacturer, Altavian understands the importance of expert training for their clients to ensure safety of operations and realize the full benefits from their UAS investment.

The Sinclair College National UAS Training and Center is proud to team with Altavian as their national authorized training partner, offering instruction at Sinclair’s facilities in Dayton, Ohio, at Altavian client sites, and through a growing national network of authorized flight training providers.

The curriculum, developed by Sinclair in collaboration with Altavian, includes:

• Asynchronous, instructor facilitated online ground school covering Altavian products, regulations, airspace, weather, concepts of operations, and safety risk mitigation practices

• In-person flight training provided at Sinclair facilities, client locations, or an authorized training partner site including hands-on, practical test standard style instruction

New Altavian customers are highly encouraged to include training in their initial purchase, which when selected, also provides full operational accidental damage coverage from Altavian for the UAS over the first 30 days.

Contact Sinclair or Altavian to learn more about training options for all Altavian products and to schedule your training today!